Main Shareholder

Egyptian FAJR for Natural Gas Company owning 100% of the Jordanian Egyptian FAJR Company.

Main Business Partners and Stakeholders:

  • Jordanian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. MEMR
  • Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum & Mineral Resources. MOP
  • Jordanian National Electric Power Company. NEPCO
  • Technical Gas Company.TGS
  • Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company. EGAS
  • Egyptian Natural Gas Company. GASCO
  • Engineering for the Petroleum and Process Industries Company.ENPPI
  • Petroleum Project and Technical Consultations Company PETROJET
  • Egypt Gas Company


Technical Gas Services Company

Jordanian Egyptian Fajr Company established the Technical Gas Company, which is a Jordanian limited liability company with shareholding of 51% for Jordanian Egyptian Fajr Company and 40% for the Egyptian Natural Gas Company (GASCO) that is considered one of the biggest entities having experience in the field of managing and operating gas grids in the Middle East and 9% for Egyptian Fajr Company in order to exchange expertise in the field of natural gas with the Jordanian market.

An agreement for the operation and maintenance was signed in March 2019 between Jordanian Egyptian Fajr Company and Technical Gas services Company, in order to conduct works of operation and maintenance of the natural gas grid along with the related facilities inside the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.