Stemming from company being concerned of education, training and development while contributing in the education-supporting activities; Fajr Company contributed in the educational expenditures of the poor students through providing them with school bags and stationary for one of the public schools in one of the villages located on the Arab gas pipeline owned by Fajr Company  

Company also contributed with a number of computers for the Ministry of Education according to company belief in the importance of training students on using computer and the modern techniques for facing future challenges

Additionally; a cooperation was held with one of the biggest societal initiatives in the Kingdom for implementing some of the programs in order to improve educational environment from financial and academic aspects in the Jordanian public schools, one was implementing interactive training with a number of teachers for a number of objectives enabling them and enhancing their role in the educational field, while the other is for implementing a group of maintenance works for some of the public schools including a group of technical and engineering works

Company supported one of the summer camps for public schools’ students in order to provide them with skills, through which they can find creative ideas enabling them of creating positive student activities inside their schools. Company expertise was exploited for providing a number of students and teachers with the protective and therapeutic procedures to be practically applied, through students visiting company headquarter in Al-Qastal and training them on a number of first aid procedures, evacuation and teaching them how to use fire extinguishers to be applied in their schools in emergency cases

A group of public school students visited Fajr Photovoltaic Power plant in the southern region for benefitting and raising awareness of the benefits and method of using photovoltaic power as source of energy.

A Cooperation has been made with  Elia Nuqul Foundation to adopt university scholarships for a number of disadvantaged students in the universities of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and to help train them within the company during or after graduation from the university, in addition to cooperating with several social associations to provide various aspects of support to the villages located on the path of the Jordanian gas transmission network owned by Fajr Company.