Quality and Environmental Policy

Quality and Environmental Policy

Jordanian Egyptian Fajr for Natural Gas Transmission and Supply Company, as a limited liability company working in the field of purchasing and selling natural gas through pipelines inside and outside the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, undertake working on applying the integrated management system in the company, in compatible with both ISO 9001/2015 and ISO 14001/2015 international standards and specifications. We also undertake commitment to maintain a working environment that is free of incidents, while fulfilling a leading role in protecting environment with the health and safety of workers in the company, suppliers and users of our services along with the communities in which we are working, stemming from permanently seeking for continuous development Accordingly, we adopted the quality and environment policy for maintaining company environment and different areas to be our approach in achieving our strategy and objectives as follows:


Fulfilling clients’ needs while working on fulfilling their desires and expectations in order to achieve complete satisfaction with the services provided by our company in its field.

Reduce pollution and guarantee environment protection through compliance with all laws and legislations related to the environment.

Continuous improvement through continual Rehabilitation and training for the employees at all levels to raise the degree of competency and development-related activities.

Publishing the environment and quality policy and ensure being received and understood by all workers in the company and stakeholders.

Activate and follow-up on the corrective and preventive procedures.

Review the environment and quality policy annually through management review meetings.


Our Company's Business Plan includes measurable quality and environmental objectives and targets, to be measured annually. We are committed to achieve them through efficient and effective implementation of the integrated Quality Environmental Management System that complies with the International Standards ISO 9001/2015 & ISO 14001/2015 with the competence and skills of the Staff which leads to continual Improvement of the Quality Environmental Management System.