The Jordanian Government took several steps for increasing natural gas usage for benefitting from the varied resources of natural gas for the Jordanian gas transmission grid through providing it as an alternative fuel for the industrial sector in cooperation with Fajr Company.

An initial study was prepared in cooperation with Amman Chamber of Industry for discussing providing King Abdullah II Industrial City in Sahab with natural gas. Several industrial cities and factories are now being studied in cooperation between the various public entities along with the industrial sector in order to have the best technical solutions with the least costing alternatives and methods for providing the industrial sector with natural gas.

Factory shall apply a request for natural gas supply through the Ministry of Energy and Minerals and /or through Jordanian Egyptian Fajr Company, while providing Jordanian Egyptian Fajr Company with the data related to fuel consumption and conduct site visit over factory location.

For those concerned of delivering natural gas to the related industrial entity; kindly fill in the questionnaire aiming at collecting initial data about the concerned client for reviewing the potential of benefitting from the service provided by us by pressing here. Kindly note that the data provided by client in the questionnaire are at its own responsibility and client confirms authenticity of the data provided.


For calculating the estimated percentage of direct saving from factory usage of natural gas instead of the other types of fuel pursuant to the monthly official fuel price list issued by the Ministry of Energy and Minerals, please press here.