20 October 2019

Signing Two Agreements with Jordan Phosphate Mines Company

Two agreements were signed with the Phosphate Mines Company in October 2019; one for selling natural gas and another one for implementing, managing and operating natural gas pipelines and facilities delivered to the factory, while establishing a new supply point, whereas the project consists of:

  • A 24-inch gas grid off take, Metering and Pressure Reduction Station inside the complex and gas pipeline with the diameter of 12 inch.
  • metering and pressure reduction station inside the complex in addition to gas filtering system, heating system and metering system using Ultrasonic meters, as well as gas quality control and analysis systems.
  • Gas pipeline with the diameter of 12 inch and estimated length of 250 meters in addition to a metering station with the capacity of 65 thousand cubicmeters/ hour.
  • Project implementation period is 24 months and it is planned to complete works and deliver gas in the first quarter of 2021.