7 December 2021

Signing a Partnership Agreement between Elia Nuqul Foundation and Jordanian Egyptian Fajr Company

Within the framework of the social responsibility pursued by the private sector  in Jordan, a partnership agreement was signed today between Elia Nuqul Foundation and Jordanian Egyptian Fajr Company.

Under the agreement signed on behalf of the company by its CEO, Eng. Fouad Rashad Abbas, and for the Foundation, its Chairman, Mr. Ghassan Nuqul, the company will provide university scholarships to a number of the Foundation’s students in public Jordanian universities for the years 2021-2024, to cover their tuition fees, capacity building training programs, and their monthly expenses for transportation throughout their studies. In turn,  Elia Nuqul Foundation will involve the students in all the development programs it offers, in addition to regular and extracurricular courses and training to develop their skills and prepare them to enter the labour market.

This agreement aims to create new success stories and develop the Jordanian society by giving these students the education and skills that will qualify them to be productive, creative and active members of society.

After signing the agreement, Nuqul referred to the role of Fajr Company in supporting the development process through their contribution to the Elia Nuqul Foundation and giving the opportunity for Jordanian youth to pursue their university education. He stressed the importance of forming new partnerships within a systematic strategy of the institution, based on the belief in the importance of effective partnership with various sectors to help Jordanian university students whose their economic conditions did not allow them to complete their educational path and empower and qualify them to enter the labour market.

In turn, Eng. Fouad Rashad confirmed that the partnership agreement with the Foundation aims to expand the implementation of the social responsibility programs adopted by the company, and one of its priorities is to support the education sector as it is an essential pillar for community development, especially providing educational opportunities to motivate students who have the ambition to learn despite their exceptional circumstances, to complete their academic excellence and future success and qualify them to enter the labour market.

About Elia Nuqul Foundation:

Elia Nuqul Foundation represents Elia Nuqul's legacy in contributing to providing opportunities for qualified underprivileged students from all over Jordan to continue their higher education, which was not available to them at the time. The work of the Foundation is not limited to providing higher education to students, but also seeks to provide support to them to qualify them for their professional lives through training, professional advice and support in the field of information technology, English language, leadership, job training and others. The graduates of Elia Nuqul Foundation constitute a unique elite of aspiring professionals through the network of Elia Nuqul Foundation Fellows, which constitutes a platform for support and exchange of experience. Most of all, the students of the Foundation take initiatives for community service or social entrepreneurship, following in the footsteps of Elia Nuqul, embodying the principle behind the Elia Nuqul Foundation, which is giving and serving the community.

About Jordanian Egyptian Fajr Company:

Jordanian Egyptian Fajr for Natural Gas Transmission and Supply Company was established in 2003 for the funding, construction, operation and maintenance of Natural Gas Grids inside the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The main natural gas grid project was implemented to extend 500 km from the southern region in Aqaba to the northern region of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in addition to developing and implementing the necessary facilities for connecting and supplying natural gas to the total of 11 electric power generation plants; whereas the natural gas contribution in electric power generation in Jordan reached 90%. FAJR Co. is also implementing the necessary facilities in order to deliver and supply natural gas to the industrial sector in addition to reviewing increase of the different needs for natural gas as an economic and modern fuel for the commercial and domestic sectors.