1 February 2021

Fajr Co. and Egypt Gas Co. supply natural gas to the Phosphate Industrial Complex

In the presence of the Her Excellency Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, His Excellency the Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt, the Chairman of Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority and the CEO of Aqaba Development Company, attended the launch of the project to supply the phosphate industrial complex in the city of Aqaba with natural gas in 31/1/2021, His Excellency Dr. /Mohammad Thneibat- Chairman  of the Jordan Phosphate  Mines Company with  Engineer /Fouad Rashad - CEO of Jordanian Egyptian Fajr Company & Engineer / Wael Jweid - Chairman of the Egypt Gas Company , inaugurated the project of supplying the Phosphate Industrial Complex with natural gas, which is one of the largest complexes of phosphate fertilizers in the Middle East and a major component in the structure of the Jordanian economy and its exports, as the Jordan Phosphate Mines company is considered the second largest exporter, and the sixth largest phosphate producer in the world with a production capacity of more than 7 million tons of phosphates annually.

The inauguration of the pipeline came as part of an agreement signed to sell natural gas and establish new supply point in September 2019  between Jordan Phosphate mines company and Jordanian Egyptian Fajr company with cooperation with the main contractor of the project (Egypt Gas Company), and the implementation and readiness of the project has been completed in 1/1/2021 in a record time, and with a date preceding the contractual date by nine months, where Fajr and Egypt Gas Company studied and presented all the available options to reduce the the pandemic impact on the Project execution Schedule and to support this national industry. The project consists of an off-take on the gas grid with a diameter of 24 inches with a Hot Tapping system to insure that the factory is supplied from the closest points to the Natural gas grid, in addition to a metering station with capacity of 65 thousand meters/ hour and pressure reduction station inside the complex in addition to gas filtering system, heating system, and metering system using ultrasonic meters, as well as gas quality control and analysis systems, and according to the signed agreements, Jordanian Egyptian Fajr will supply the industrial complex of phosphate in Aqaba city with about 4.4 million cubic feet/ day.